Floral Design


What inspires you? Is it the scent of a particular flower or tree? Is it the memory of walking through your grandma's garden or the color of a bird sitting in a maple tree? Is it the vintage glass pitcher you bought at a flea market? Our goal is to take what inspires you and infuse it, whether directly or indirectly, into our design for your event.

Floral design and event styling is about making a client's vision become a reality - taking a special moment or a big day, and bringing it to life. It's about listening and tailoring each decision to the client's specific style. Ultimately, we strive to build events that make lasting impressions, leaving clients smiling and guests applauding.

We utilize seasonal blooms, foliage, branches and other botanical ingredients to evoke the unique style of each event. Prices will vary depending on the services needed and flowers desired. Our focus is to provide the highest quality, freshest flowers and botanical varieties the season has to offer, using locally grown flowers when possible.

We love to incorporate personal items, vintage pieces, unusual textures and vessels to create a unique vision for your one-of-a-kind event. We’re happy to customize any of our services to meet your specific needs and budget.