Floral Design

From the perfect picked-from-the-garden bouquet to creative & unique centerpieces, we can help you create the event you’ve always imagined. When you choose to work with us we believe you are inviting our designs to be part of your event; an honor we greatly appreciate. All designs are customized to your vision with hand-selected flowers and foliage to ensure only the highest quality arrangements. <Learn More>

Do-It-Yourself Events

We believe that beautiful flowers don’t need to be expensive. We strive to help empower clients to have the event that they want in a culture that bombards us with unrealistic expectations. We offer many options for DIY events; whether you want to do everything on your own, leave the bouquets to the pros, or you want us to provide instruction along the way. Everything is customizable to our clients’ needs. <Learn More>



Please call (612) 940-3025 for pricing & more information.


We are all about personal and professional growth. There truly is no better time than now in the floral industry as there is a blossoming DIY culture. People want to have eclectic skills again and we have found the best way to teach is in a comfortable setting with all the flowers, foliage, and tools provided. <Learn More>


Living Decor

Green thumbs don’t happen over night. Like everything else, growing and keeping plants take practice. The good news is that we’ve done a lot of the learning and practicing for you. We sell plants and living decor for wedding and events as well as for your home and garden. <Learn More>